Family Intervention – Why Families Wait

It is common knowledge in the intervention field that over 90% of clients who have a family intervention end up agreeing to enter treatment. However, less than 5% of family members of addicts actually reach out and inquire about hosting a family intervention and have a professional interventionist visit their loved one. Sadly, this means that it is easier to convince a stubborn addict or alcoholic to enter treatment than it is to convince a family to have intervention services help them cure a disease.

Reasons Families Wait and How Family Interventions Change Lives

“Why Families Wait?” is a presentation delivered by our Founder, David Lee, at the Mt. Vernon, Iowa Town Hall to family members, educators, and law enforcement to help explain the complex dynamics involved when trying to connect with an addict.

Video Response Series

If you have a question and are looking for answers in regard to your loved one, family interventions, or intervention services in general, you can contact us at any time. We may even provide a video response for your question.  All video responses are altered to adhere to the utmost in confidentiality and respect for your situation.

why families wait

“Understanding Enabling”helps families to understand enabling in a different light  A part of our Intervention Video Response Series, this has become one of our most popular series yet.

Reaching the Bottom

“Reaching the Bottom” is another in our Intervention Video Responses Series.  Does your loved one need to reach their bottom in order to change?  In this video we explain the myth of this “bottom” and how is may lead to horrible consequences.

More Intervention and Educational Presentations:

In addition to “Why Families Wait”, the following presentations are examples of the many public service presentations that Intervention Services, Inc. provides for schools, educators, treatment providers, churches, and social services. If you are in need of a workshop or presentation, please contact us for scheduling.

Our Helping was Hurting

“Our Helping was Hurting” is a presentation delivered by co-founder Kevin Lee.  An honest portrayal of a family struggling to help an addict to achieve sobriety, Kevin speaks from the personal perspective of a family member who knows what it is like to follow all of the “right actions” and find out why they don’t always work.

Intervention ServicesFamily Intervention – Why Families Wait