How do drug interventions work

How Do Drug Interventions Work?

Most people have seen or heard of the TV show “Intervention” and are familiar with the concept of a drug intervention. But reality television tends to glamorize. A real-life drug intervention is very different. Here’s the truth behind how drug interventions work. A true story of a drug intervention Kelly, Susan’s 22-year old daughter, had become distant. She had dropped …

Intervention ServicesHow Do Drug Interventions Work?
Interventions and the War on Drugs

A Drug Intervention and the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs has generated unique challenges for those who wish to help a loved one through their addiction. A combination of stigmas, public policies, and increased stakes (e.g. legally) have made drug interventions serious, but essential, option for those who see a loved one in trouble. In order to help make sense of how the War on Drugs …

Intervention ServicesA Drug Intervention and the War on Drugs