We design your intervention plan to fit your specific needs.

From initial planning and assessment to the intervention itself, Intervention Services provides support and guidance to your family throughout the entire intervention process. Staging a crisis intervention can be emotionally taxing. Our skillful team of interventionists will guide you through the process and put you at ease. We provide interventions for virtually any kind of situation.

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An intervention is more than just a “talk”.

You’re not just convincing your loved one to go to treatment. Our professional interventionists will help you show your loved one that it’s time to commit to change. Intervention Services is a full continuum of care provider, meaning that we commit to helping our clients for life.

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Our Professional Intervention Process Timeline

  • 1.
    Telephone Call to One of Our Counselors
  • 2.
    Pre-Intervention Counseling and Evaluation
  • 3.
    Scheduling and Evaluation
  • 4.
    Family Consultation Day
  • 5.
    Family Intervention Day
  • 6.
    Transportation to Treatment
  • 7.
    Post-Intervention Counseling
8.Lifetime Support

Intervention Types

Intervention Services, Inc. will help you get your loved one into the addiction treatment they need and set them up for long term success.

Eating disorder interventions require a different approach and our intervention process will help you get your loved one prepared to receive life-changing treatment.

When an employee faces addictions or behaviors that are impacting their work, our professional interventionists can help.

Intervention Services, Inc. offers crisis interventions that incorporate the power of faith to help your loved one enter the treatment program they need.

Your loved one may be suffering from mental health conditions like depression or bipolar disorder and will need a professional intervention to get the help they need.

Whether its trauma, abuse or addiction our professional interventionists will help your loved one make significant life changes.

Getting an elderly loved one prepared to enter assisted living often requires a family intervention. Intervention Services, Inc. can help you get there.

Process addictions include things like gambling, the internet and sex. Our intervention services will help you get your loved on the help they need.
Intervention Services, Inc. specializes in improving the willingness of an adolescent to change their behavior or enter treatment if necessary.

Continuum of Care Services

Drug Testing
Sobriety Monitoring
Choosing a Treatment Center
Intervention Planning
Family Reintegration
Sober Coaching
Case Management

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