Macklemore Performs New Song About Drug Addiction

Macklemore Performs New Song About Drug Addiction

Seattle’s favorite social activist/hip hop duo are back with a new song. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis debuted the new song “Kevin” at the American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater on Sunday.

The Grammy winning duo were joined by the up and coming gospel and soul singer Leon Bridges, as well as a full ensemble. Crafted around the growing dangers of prescription drug abuse, “Kevin” is a heartfelt track that obviously comes from Macklemore’s battles with addiction.

The performance was a simple one, and did not indulge too much information on the rapper’s sophomore album. Leon Bridges gave a moving vocal performance while Macklemore’s verses of addiction, recovery and death swept around the hooks.

With lyrics that include: “Doctor please/ Give me a dose of the American Dream/ Put down the pen and look in my eyes/ in the waiting room something ain’t right”, the goal of the new track is to restart the conversation about America’s growing prescription drug abuse problem.

Macklemore (whose real name is Ben Haggerty) is no stranger to addiction. Ben recently relapsed into taking pills and marijuana. As he told Complex earlier this year: “I just wanted to escape.”

Being his second round of addiction, Ben had to make the final decision on his own. Make music, or stay with his addiction. As his most recent performance has proven, Ben chose the music.

The hip hop duo won four Grammy awards for their 2012 debut The Heist and hit single “Thrift Shop”. They’ve remained silent in regards to their sophomore album’s release date and other essential details.

When interviewed by Rolling Stone, Haggerty stated: “I’m feeling great about this album. It has a diversity of sounds and textures and concepts. We’ve been able to take our time with it, and it’s a great feeling to get to that point.”

If the rest of his album is anything like his last performance, Macklemore may see success once again.

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