Is Jimmy Fallon’s Drinking out of Control?

Is Jimmy Fallon’s Drinking out of Control?

His wife of eight years is in tears, and he recently suffered a serious injury that sliced open his finger. Several signs indicate that Jimmy Fallon may have a serious drinking problem. After his second drunken injury in the past month, word on the street is that the NBC network executives are seriously concerned for Fallon’s health and ability to continue the show.

Jimmy Fallon’s Drinking is Harmful

Known for his quirky humor and classic skits that have kept NBC’s “Tonight Show” at the top of the late-night ratings, it’s no surprise that NBC is concerned for their poster-boy’s health. On October 24, Fallon fell and dropped a bottle of Jägermeister while receiving the Harvard Lampoon’s Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor.

Seeing that this is Fallon’s third injury in four months, Jimmy’s drinking may be getting out of hand. While there hasn’t been any word that NBC is taking action yet, the conversation is buzzing around social media, meaning that something may be in the works.

From the several videos of him crawling in the streets, to belting Katy Perry at bars, the star is beginning to look more and more like a victim of alcoholism. Without proper attention, the “Tonight Show” host may run risk of losing everything.

Does Jimmy Fallon Need an Intervention?

Without proper attention and care, alcoholism leads to broken relationships and potentially death. The U.S. already loses an estimated 88,000 deaths a year, and it would be a tragedy to lose a brilliant comedian and talented star.

Jimmy Fallon appears to be displaying the destructive tendencies that will damage his relationships as well as his career. In order to keep his job and his family, we believe that Fallon would greatly benefit from a professional intervention for his obvious abuse of alcohol.

At this point in his story, we can only guess what is going to happen to Jimmy Fallon and the “Tonight Show”, but we hope for his sake that something changes. We can only wait and see what NBC and his friends say in the next coming months.

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