In Memoriam: Celebrity Drug-Related Deaths of 2015

In Memoriam: Celebrity Drug-Related Deaths of 2015

With the rise of drug use in the United States, it is not surprising to see a significant number of celebrities suffer from an addiction or lose their lives to an addiction. Out of respect for the dead as well as continuing our mission to remind the public that professional interventions for substance abuse do save lives. We hope that each victim in these celebrity overdoses are resting in peace.

Scot Breithaupt (1957-2015)

Known as an entrepreneur as well as being the founding father of BMX in 1970, Scot was found dead in a tent in a homeless camp on July 4th. Known to have battled a crack cocaine addiction that he picked up in the 1980s, the BMX star began experiencing serious difficulties with his own business, Scot tumbled downhill faster than his personal racing records. Credited as the man who turned BMX into an Olympic spot, Scot Breithaupt’s legacy lives on.

Arthur Cave (2000-2015)

Son of singer/songwriter Nick Cave, Arthur Cave took the hallucinogenic LSD and fell to his death. He suffered a fatal brain injury after falling onto an underpass in Brighton on July 14. It is always a tragedy with the death of a young adult, especially when it could have been prevented.

Tyler Sash (1988-2015)

Tyler Sash was found dead in his Iowa home on September 8, 2015. He was 27. Known as a powerful American football safety with a record number of interceptions, Sash played for the Iowa Hawkeyes before being drafted by the New York Giants. The autopsy report concluded that Tyler suffered from an accidental overdose after mixing the two powerful pain killers methadone and hydrocodone.

Victoria Siegel (1997-2015)

The 18-year-old daughter of Queen of Versailles stars David and Jackie Siegel, died from an overdose of methadone and sertraline. Methadone, used for her pain treatment, and sertraline, better known as Zoloft, is used to treat depression. Miss Siegel was known to have suffered from addiction, and underwent rehabilitation to adress her condition. Her overdose was deemed accidental.

Scott Weiland (1967-2015)

Scott Richard Weiland was an American musician, singer/songwriter. Best known as the lead singer for the Grunge band Stone Temple Pilots, the 48-year-old was found dead on his tour bus outside a Minneapolis hotel on December 3rd, while he was on the road with his band The Wildabouts. The death on the tour bus was due to an accidental overdose of MDA, ethanol and cocaine. Known for his unique voice, his commercially successful bands and his history of drug abuse, Scott’s habits finally caught up with him, and the world lost another amazing artist.

Harris Wittels (1984-2015)

Wittels was an American comedian, actor, writer, producer and musician. He is best known for being a writer for the The Sarah Silverman Program, as well as a writer and executive producer for Parks and Recreation. Known to have had a history of drug abuse with oxycodone and heroin, Wittels had gone to rehab, but suffered a relapse on February 19. The toxicology report confirmed his death to be a heroin overdose.

Every death is a tragic loss, and these celebrity drug-related deaths are no different. Had there been time and proper care, all of these deaths could have been prevented. We hope that all every victim of addiction and substance abuse finds a way out from their habits, and we hope that if anyone who has a loved one struggling with addiction will take the time to plan an intervention on their behalf.

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