$100k for the Best Addiction Research App

$100k for the Best Addiction Research App

Looking for a way to make $100,000 and help battle addiction at the same time? The National Institute on Drug Abuse just announced a contest for app developers (amateurs and professionals alike) to develop mobile applications for future addiction research.

By using Apple Inc.’s ResearchKit framework, the apps are to be designed for use in future clinical research studies to increase scientific knowledge of about how people either avoid or succumb to their addiction.

NIDA is also interested in conducting extensive research in understanding abstinence and recovery as it relates to drug and alcohol addiction.

ResearchKit is open-source software which helps make research and the developments of apps easier by allowing app developers to avoid the tedious activity of developing custom code.

While ResearchKit does make the development of apps easier than ever before, NIDA will likely favor contestants who have a combination of clinical research expertise as well as IT skills.

By developing an app that uses Apple’s ResearchKit framework, NIDA plans to award $100,000 in total prizes. Each submission for the challenge must complete the following:

  • A white paper that describes the app built upon a specific scientific research agenda as well as the design of future scientific research studies.
  • A demo video of the app prototype that demonstrates the functionality of the app.
  • The app software operating on a mobile device that uses Apple’s ResearchKit framework.

Submissions may not contain any data about real people and must abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

While NIDA claims to not be endorsing Apple’s products, it is a known fact that Apple’s ResearchKit has been embraced by Johns Hopkins, Stanford Medicine, and other major hospitals around the country for its breakthroughs in medical research.

The future of healthcare and addiction is evolving faster than ever before, and we can only wonder where the future will lead us.

For more details about the challenge, please visit the NIDA Challenge website.

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