understanding mania and bipolar disorder

Understanding Mania and Bipolar Disorder

Mania and Bipolar disorder go hand in hand. The extreme mood swings between mania and depression that characterize bipolar disorder can increase your loved one’s risk of engaging in dangerous behavior or attempting suicide. While this disorder has no cure, it can be managed with a combination of medication, therapy and lifestyle changes. Convincing your loved one that they need …

Intervention ServicesUnderstanding Mania and Bipolar Disorder
Intervention for a Chronic Mental Health Issue

Intervening for a Chronic, Long-Term Mental Health Issue

You need to take a different approach to a crisis intervention when your son or daughter has a chronic, long-term mental health concern than for episodic problems. That is because the person can become used to the problem and unable to recognize it worsening. Nonetheless, there are ways you can help and support your loved one through professional intervention services. …

Intervention ServicesIntervening for a Chronic, Long-Term Mental Health Issue
Co-Occurring Disorders

5 Most Common Conditions with Co-Occurring Disorders

More than half of all adults who struggle with severe mental illness have the added burden of a substance abuse problem, according to Psychology Today. Effective treatment of such “co-occurring disorders” must combine an appropriate form of mental health care with therapy that targets the physiological effects of the substance. It is also crucial for therapists who engage with these …

Intervention Services5 Most Common Conditions with Co-Occurring Disorders