Education and Videos from Intervention Services, Inc.

Family conflicts from the result of addiction or other crises are challenging and exhausting. We understand that this isn’t an easy time, and we want to provide you as much encouragement and guidance as possible.

That’s why we’ve created two series of videos, our Intervention FAQs series and our Intervention Education series – to encourage, educate and empower you, your loved one, and your family.

Intervention FAQs

Intervention Services, Inc. is here to help you and your family come to grips with what is happening. If you have questions in regards to your loved one, addiction, mental illness, etc., write or email us a question. The Intervention FAQs series consists of responses to many of these questions from Intervention Services, Inc. Co-Founder David Lee.

Please note that all video responses – though they are public – have been tailored to respect your privacy. We understand the delicacy of your situation and will keep all personal information confidential.

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Intervention Services Education

Our Intervention Services Education series is composed of recordings from public service presentations that we have provided for schools, educators, treatment providers, churches and social services. Please watch below to learn even more information on how to host proper interventions, our story, and why our intervention services are second to none. If you would like us to speak at an event or workshop, please contact us for scheduling.

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Intervention ServicesEducation and Videos from Intervention Services, Inc.