Addictions of 2014

Countdown: Top 10 Addictions of 2014

Dealing with addictions can be very difficult, especially if the individual is in denial, or is afraid of what others may think. While you may feel you are alone, there are many people who are addicted to something that has caused an unhealthy imbalance in their lives. Even if you are not the one who has the addiction, you may be suffering in silence watching your loved ones go through this situation. If you or someone you know is going through addictive symptoms, arranging an intervention or seeking help will be invaluable moving forward.

Many people think addictions are just substance-related, but that is not always the case. There are a number of behaviors that can be classified as being an addiction which are often overlooked. Knowing the signs and what to look for is key. These are the top addictions in 2014:

Addictions of 2014


Overworking yourself and not being able to disconnect can put a serious strain on your mental and physical health. Work addictions can lead to negative consequences in your personal and work life, and can lead to an unhealthy dependence.
Addictions of 2014


Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances readily accessible. Thousands of people have serious health-related problems every years due to their dependence on cigarettes and nicotine-based substances.
Addictions of 2014


Drug use can be harmful and addictive when used incorrectly. Whether obtained illegally or by prescription, drug dependence continues to be a widespread problem in our society.
Addictions of 2014


As with nicotine, alcohol is highly addictive and is readily accessible. Alcohol dependency is a major problem that can have serious consequences most would associate with drug use. Alcoholism is a hard problem to overcome, and usually results in intensive treatment to combat the problem.
Addictions of 2014


Sexual addiction is not as private as you may think. Surveys show that 3 percent of women, and approximately 8 percent of the male population are afflicted with this addiction. When suffering from sexual addiction, it becomes a compulsive need that must be met, rather than associated with positive feelings of love.
Addictions of 2014


Although many people use the internet every day for work, school or leisure, this is a growing issue that expands beyond pornography. People can become addicted to social sites and other internet-based activities that make it very hard to disconnect.
Addictions Of 2014


Food can have the same effects as a drug on the body’s chemistry. Food addictions are widespread among women, and usually results in obesity, which can cause severe health ailments.
Addictions Of 2014


Aggression can be viewed as an addiction when someone consistently uses anger to deal with problems. Aggression can unknowingly continue to grow, helping someone cope, but in a detrimental way.
Addictions of 2014


The National Council on Problem Gambling says that 80 percent of adults have gambled more in the last year, with 2 percent having a problem, and 1 percent displaying pathological symptoms of gambling. Gambling can have severe consequences, personally, professionally and financially.
Addictions of 2014


Caffeine has the highest number of people addicted to this substance. Found in coffee and soft drinks, most people consume high amounts of caffeine every day.
Recognizing these addictions can help in seeking out treatment. All of these have the potential to become severe problems if not diagnosed.


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