A Professional Interventionist From Intervention Services, Inc. is Different

Our professional interventionists at Intervention Services, Inc. work on the principles of honesty and simplicity.

If you’ve been looking online to find and compare costs for a professional interventionist, you’ll find a broad price range of anywhere from $3,500 – $10,000, and no one is transparent as to what goes into their cost. Some individuals claim to be a professional interventionists but are not truly experienced at providing intimate family interventions. And only a handful of intervention services post their prices online. This makes it difficult to know what you’re getting for your money. Not only is this process frustrating, it’s wrong.

We understand. Because we were founded by a family who experienced their own professional intervention, all of our intervention services are for families to come together and repair their bonds. We promise that our crisis interventions are authentic, transparent, and honest. We only deliver the most comprehensive intervention services for the most cost-effective price. Our professional interventionists understand that the stress and tension in your family is already high, and you don’t need an intervention service provider to inflate the cost of a family intervention.

Intervention Services, Inc. is the largest intervention provider in North America. We’ve conducted thousands of family interventions for family members across the U.S. and Canada, and we’re one of the few crisis intervention providers that offers the full Continuum of Care for recovery. This guarantees that our professional interventionists not only conduct authentic crisis interventions, but also provide support, counsel, and coordinate the treatment process.

No “Hidden” Fees, Just Honest Costs

We firmly believe that the cost of a crisis intervention should NOT consist of luxury hotels, first class flights, or for food. When we conduct crisis interventions, our professional interventionists always find the cheapest economy class flight that works according to your schedule. Unlike some intervention companies, we only book the most cost-effective hotel room.

The minimum duration in our intervention process two days. A family intervention doesn’t end until either your loved one agrees to go to treatment, or you say that the crisis intervention is over and we proceed to the tough love phase. The average length of most of our family interventions is two days, but it is not uncommon for the intervention process to last over the course of several days.

The consultation fee for an drug or alcohol intervention conducted by one of our professional interventionists is a flat rate of $3,800. Our mental health interventions start at $4,800. We require an initial deposit up front and accept check, money orders, and most major credit cards. In addition to the consultation fee, we charge for the cost of a flight, and typically a single night stay in a hotel.

If you would like us to escort your loved one directly to treatment instead of taking them there yourself, we do charge an additional $400, plus flights and/or driving costs. We’ll only utilize rental cars upon your request.

Intervention Services, Inc. founders and professional interventionists David and Kevin LeeDavid Lee or Kevin Lee, the founders of Intervention Services, are both available to guide your loved one’s professional intervention for a fee of $7,500 plus travel and lodging expenses. If you would like both David and Kevin present for a team family intervention, the cost is $10,000 plus expenses.

We do not charge for…

  • Food
  • Additional billable hours
  • Amenities

Lifetime Support From Professional Interventionists

An Intervention Services, Inc. family intervention doesn’t end when your loved one agrees to go to treatment. Oftentimes, family members need additional support following the crisis intervention. Our intervention services last a lifetime. When your loved one needs support in the following weeks, months and years following their intervention, we will be there. Even after their treatment, Intervention Services, Inc. will stand by your loved one’s side.

We’re here for you. If you need to speak with our counselors on a daily or weekly basis during the entire recovery process, there’s no additional charge for the lifetime of your family’s need towards your loved one.

Financing Your Intervention

Intervention Services, Inc. works with an outside finance company that helps provide financial assistance to families through loans. If your loved one needs our intervention services but you feel that you may not have the financial means to afford a crisis intervention, we’ll help you figure out how to pay for our professional interventionists. Finances should never stand in the way of getting someone the help that they need. If you have any questions regarding the financing of an intervention, call us today.

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