Every Intervention is Different

Because each and every situation and individual is unique, a successful family intervention needs to be designed to suit the specific needs and nuances of every particular family. Our intervention process is not “one size fits all”, it’s “custom-made” . Our professional interventionists have successfully intervened on thousands of clients from various socio-economic backgrounds and countries.

The S.M.A.R.T. Model of Intervention

Our professional interventionists at Intervention Services, Inc. use the intervention model we call the S.M.A.R.T. Model – the Systemic Modular Approach to Recovery and Treatment. It combines two approaches – a cognitive behavioral model, which helps us understand the behavior of the target of the crisis intervention, and a systemic model, which brings to light the complexities of the family dynamic that was present when the target of the intervention became a danger to themselves.


women smiling from intervention services and family interventionsIn the S.M.A.R.T. Model, we’re looking at the health of the family system and how it influences an addiction. When they are unhealthy, family structures can be a trigger or a contributor to an addiction. Focusing the majority of our energy on empowering the family unit improves the chances of the substance abuser getting and staying sober.


Treatment and recovery are composed of interlocking modules, or “puzzle pieces” that, by themselves are useful, but when put together, compose an optimal path for a successful recovery.


There’s a difference between recovery and treatment, and looking at them in the same way can create problems with how we approach the intervention process. Some clients simply need treatment. Others may need a broader, longer-term approach where the goal is active and lifelong recovery. Our professional interventionists help make this decision for the family.

What Our Intervention Process Looks Like

Our crisis interventions typically last for a minimum two days. Our professional interventionists’ goal is to get a grasp on the bigger picture and the factors that contribute to your loved one’s addiction.

Day One:
Family Intervention Consultation

The first day of our intervention services can last anywhere from 6-8 hours on average, and is completely focused on educating the family about addiction, enabling and tough love. On this day, we also cover some changes that the family can make to stop the damage that an addiction causes and help you and your family begin healing. With this knowledge, we create a plan for the crisis intervention, which will take place the next day.

Day Two:
The Alcohol or Drug Intervention

Our intervention services are designed to be a guided approach towards recovery, founded in love and care. We break the format of the crisis intervention down into sessions that will slowly allow the target of the intervention to want to change. The intervention typically lasts for several hours, but can last for days.


The Intervention ends when…

  • Your loved one agrees to go to treatment. In over 90% of the crisis interventions we deliver, this is the case.
  • You (collectively as a family) decide to end the intervention and move into “tough love”. This means that if your loved one continues to refuse to accept the help we offer him, then we’ll continue until you ask our professional interventionists to end the intervention.

We don’t end the intervention. You do.
For your family to move into the “tough love” phase, they must feel that they have truly done everything possible. This may take days. Start your family’s journey today. Contact us and get the intervention services you need.

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